Domain Age

One of the most important factors in ranking higher, faster, and easier in the search engines is domain age, along with back link age. If you have a new business, and you are just not ready to hire a web designer, or hire an SEO Specialist to start your online marketing efforts, you need to read on. The search engines, whether they admit to it or not, do not give new websites much love. The only times a new website can rank high fast, is for very non competitive markets, where either there is not enough search for other business to worry about, or the competition of business haven’t figured out about the traffic potential. This is becoming a increasingly rare occurrence, and I have only seen it for small population cities. But, if you want to rank for a medium to high competitive key word for your business, you need to plan in advance the time it will take to get you noticeable traffic. Therefore, if are planning on starting a new business, or you have already started a new business, the very least you can do is purchase a domain, and throw up a basic web page. This will do two things for you. One, it will get crawled by the search engines, and the aging begins. The next basic thing you can do to help your new website, is to get free links to your website from places like Yelp, Google Places, Kudzu, Merchant Circle and Yellow Page Directories. This will start the link aging, which will help you down the line with your professional SEO work.

There is a huge difference in price, when you will get quoted by an SEO professional, with a new site, verses an aged site with some aged links. Also, the time it takes to rank your site, will now be sooner, than a brand new site. There is two pieces of advice for business with website now, and no websites. One,  if you have a website, but have not done any free linking, start as soon as possible, it’s free. If you do not have a website period, then purchase a domain, and get it hosted, and get a basic website, and then build free back links. You will save in time, money, and frustration for your future internet success.

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